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The following important events will take place in the area in the near future





EASTER 2018 - MARCH 30 to APRIL 02.

It will be very busy, so please Book well in advance to avoid disappointment!





SABIE BOWLING CLUB - Lawn Bowls every Wednesday & Saturday from 13:15.




















Eating in Sabie

There is a diversity of Restaurants in and around Sabie. The three which are  currently recommended are all within walking distance of Wayfarers.

For a very good traditional restaurant meal which also has some exotic South African dishes, try The Wild Fig Tree. You can sit inside or outside, depending upon the Weather. They are now also serving excellent Pizzas on most days, at a very competitive price. Try The Wayfarers Pizza, its a Regina with Salami, Olives and extra Mozzarella Cheese. Its not on the Menu, but is delicious! The Wild Fig Tree is currently open again on Sunday evenings from 18:00, until the new Year.

Opposite is The Woodsman, with a good menu and plenty of atmosphere, and sport on large screen televisions. When the weather is good, you can eat outside on the deck. The Service  can be on the slow side, so be patient!

Another Restaurant where the Steaks, Trout and Pizzas are recommended is Merry Pebbles, on the Old Lydenburg Road, next to The Sabie River. Wine prices are on the high side!


A  Restaurant which is now well established is  The African Elephant, situated where the Spur Restaurant used to be.  The food is good but prices are rising, and the Wine List is extensive, but not expensive!. And their Service is very friendly. Look out for their Specials.

At the end of November 2014, The Sabie Brewing Company opened its Restaurant in Glynn House, just before Petenas Pancakes, as you come into Sabie. They have a number of Craft brewed beers to try, and a deck with a good view. The service is somewhat erratic!




 Our self catering, ground floor room is ready. It now has a shower and bath, and Air conditioning.



2017 was  another dry Year,in the main, which was a good time to visit the area, and the Kruger Park in particular! However We  finished just above the Annual average rainfall, although in December 2017  we recorded only 159 mm at Wayfarers, but everything is green and verdant , after a warm, sunny and dry Winter.! We had twenty wet days of  rain in December, which bodes well for January 2018. Great sightings are regularly being reported from Kruger,so a wonderful time to see all sorts of Animals and Birds in the Rivers, Dams and Waterholes.   Take care if you have to visit Skukuza Rest Camp , and Skukuza Golf Club, as the Vervet Monkeys are becoming more and more threatening in their behaviour towards visitors, when there is food around.



The Roads Around Sabie.

The road to Nelspruit, from Long Tom Pass,R37  is always excellently maintained,  The road is always in good condition, with Cats Eyes the entire distance, and with all the lines having been repainted.There are no potholes for the entire distance between Sabie and Nelspruit.However, there is now a proliferation of Ore carriers, in both directions, day and night, seven days a week, so proceed with caution!

The Long Tom Pass is also a good road between Sabie and Lydenburg, but thereafter is not so attractive, with a lot of bad potholes between Lydenburg and Dullstroom. Take care on this stretch.

The road to White River is in good condition, and is recommended for driving at night, as there are excellent cats eyes. However there are some  extremely bad potholes now ,as you approach White River in both directions, although there are signs of some repairs taking place, as of December 20, 2017.

Look out for Speed Traps coming into Sabie from White River, near Harmony Hill, also leaving Sabie for Long Tom near York Timbers offices, and coming from Graskop, just by the Bridge coming into Sabie. A new place for trapping has recently surfaced, 21 kms from Sabie, on the R37 to Nelspruit.

The road to Hazyview from Sabie can be split into three sections. The first part is the Forestry section and is in surprisingly good condition,the second sector is The Plantation section, and here the road has been improved, and it is good to report that in the third segment, namely The Hospitality  section, right through to Perry's Bridge, the potholes have been repaired. The road to Graskop has now deteriorated, and care must be taken on the way to theBlyde River Canyon!

In Sabie itself, there are a number of poor stretches of road.In Mac Mac and Malieveld there is now some street lighting again, and parts higher up need some TLC. Unfortunately the Old Lydenberg road to Lone Creek Falls is,once again in a shocking state of disrepair from the fourway stop to York Timbers. Once past York Timbers sawmill, the road improves.  Kerk Street, past the Police Station is one to avoid.  The Sabie Chamber of Commerce has now  fixed most of the random potholes, making the Town look like a giant Patchwork Quilt!

If you are lost, please phone  and we will advise you how to find us.


If you cannot get a reply from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,please use the following cell phone number: 0766144027  to speak to Chris. or 0748444337 to talk to Merle.