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The Local Area

sabie2The Town of Sabie
The picturesque town of Sabie is  centrally situated on The Panorama Route. Set amidst bluegum and pine plantations , timber is now Sabie's life blood.

But the history of Sabie is the history of gold , as this was once a thriving gold mining town, where the first commercial quantities of gold were discovered in the then Transvaal Republic in 1871.

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The Panorama Route
Leave Sabie on the R532 and head for Graskop, some 29 kms to the North. En route you will come to Mac Mac Pools, where there is a 12 km walking trail, and the 56 metre high twin Mac Mac Falls. These falls were the site of a gold discovery on April 5th, 1873, and shortly thereafter over one thousand prospectors were in the area, concentrating their gold digging efforts on the river wending its way to the falls.

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The Kruger National Park
Along with the Blyde River Canyon, Kruger Park is the main attraction which brings visitors from all over the Planet  to this corner of Africa. World famous for its diverse and abundant wild life , fauna and flora, the Kruger National Park is more than a place to see The Big Five, as its splendid landscapes and sense of wilderness makes it one of the last remaining places in South Africa where the primeval heart of Africa still beats.

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